Cheap Airfare Hotels Cruise Last Minute Deals

cheap airfare hotels cruise last minute deals

    cheap airfare
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cheap airfare hotels cruise last minute deals - Hotel Spaces

Hotel Spaces

Hotel Spaces

More than 400 international hotels are featured
Hotel owners and designers recognize that the range of style options now available to appeal to hotel customers is not only endless but that creativity and distinction in this area of the hotel business is essential to success. Everyday, hotel owners give more and more freedom to today's most recognized architects and designers to create looks that are unique and make a personal statement about the hotel's clientel. This book, divided into room types such as lobbies, restaurants, bars, lounges, guest rooms, spas and sports facilities, showcases an array of some of the most recently built and inventive hotels in the world.

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Moonlit Cruise

Moonlit Cruise

Taken yesterday morning from my yard. The moonlight reflecting off the water woke me up at about 4:30, so of course I had to get the camera and take some shots. The cruise ship happened to be passing as I was making a few long exposures.

I exposed a few for the moon as well, but haven't bothered trying to combine shots. I kind of like the blown-out moon, as it did seem incredibly bright at the time.

Cruise Ship Boat Fishing for Yachts

Cruise Ship Boat Fishing for Yachts

Free picture of a small cruise ship boat fishing for yachts in the sea waters of the Pacific ocean.

The boat crew of this boat is
boating like a nautical sailboat without a motor. They drift on a tour of a lost cruising crew that is searching for new passengers for their voyage across the oceans.

This marine sailors are no mariners, because their vessel is for vacations and wale watching only.

cheap airfare hotels cruise last minute deals

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