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Flight Cancellation Information

flight cancellation information

    flight cancellation
  • Flight cancellation occurs when an airline cancels a scheduled flight for a certain reason. When flights are canceled, passengers may be entitled to compensation due to rules obeyed by every flight company, usually Rule 240, or Rule 218 in certain locations.

  • Facts provided or learned about something or someone

  • formal accusation of a crime

  • A formal criminal charge lodged with a court or magistrate by a prosecutor without the aid of a grand jury

  • a message received and understood

  • knowledge acquired through study or experience or instruction

  • What is conveyed or represented by a particular arrangement or sequence of things

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Project 365 #336: 021209 They're On The Case

Project 365 #336: 021209 They're On The Case

I did mention yesterday that Laura was having something of a 'troubled' journey.

Finnair and Helsinki Vantaa airport have, together, provided one of the smoothest, safest and rock solid reliable services that I've ever enjoyed using. This journey though turned out to be a pig.

Firstly there was all the drama at the start regarding the Finnair Pilots' Strike. Then just as Laura is coming home, the baggage handlers decide to have a strike - it could almost be Italy!

Things were understandably a little confused, and Finnair gave priority to operating their long haul flights to the Far East - this meant cancellations.

The problem for Laura was that her flight was cancelled whilst the passengers were literally standing in the tube to board the aircraft. The real kicker was the reason - the plane was fuelled, loaded and ready for boarding but there was no member of ground crew to operate the push back tractor! No push back - no fly.

The good news for Laura was that Finnair were able to call on the help of British Airways, one of their alliance partners, and route her back through Heathrow. They did a beautiful job at getting my honey back to me in one piece, but unfortunately (as the photo shows) her suitcase (and my Christmas present from underthesun!) is enjoying an extended vacation.

Laura wasn't entirely sure whether her bag was stuck at Helsinki or at Heathrow (and fortunately she laughed rather than cried at my observation that having passed through Heathrow it could equally well be in Marrakech), but we now seem to agree that her bag will be sitting with the 5,000 others at Helsinki Vantaa. The great irony of course is that Helsinki was recently awarded the prestigous title of being the world's best airport for baggage handling!

5,000 sounds like a big number, but let's not forget that Heathrow can shift 12,000 bags an HOUR through Terminal Five alone so hopefully Laura and her trusty suitcase will soon be experiencing a tearful reunion. :)

Scott Ellis BBC News Reporter

Scott Ellis BBC News Reporter

BBC News Reporter seemed keen to jump the queue to get the latest information on the flight cancellations at Bristol airport. Rather fun to see him rehearse his interview questions by talking to himself on the midst of a large group of cheesed off travellers at the Airport

flight cancellation information

flight cancellation information

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